Design Resources


Being colorblind is tough. I can’t tell the difference between reds, greens and browns, and even some blues and purples give me trouble. Matching colors has always been a nightmare for me, and for a long time my digital projects looked as though they were thrown together in a dark room.

Thankfully technology came to my rescue a few years back and provided me with a number of software packages that help me to compensate. Here are two of my favorites:

  1. ( Create a color scheme from any image – just upload a photo or pick on on Flickr and have the program select a color-correct palette for you!
  2. Color Scheme Designer ( Use color theory to mathematically select perfect color combinations. Amazing!


  1. Fontifier ( Fontifier lets you design your own font using a downloadable PDF template. To use it, simply hand-write the individual letters and numbers that you would like to include in your personal font. Scan the paper in and voila – instant font! It costs US $9 to create a font through this tool.
  2. daFont ( Thousands of free fonts for both Macs and PCs.
  3. 1001 Free Fonts ( The name says it all!