Embedding external content onto your website

Most Web 2.0 components are designed to be modular and interchangable. This technique, called “embedding,” allows you to integrate Web 2.0 content and services from anywhere on the Internet into your own site. The process is relatively straightforward and involves doing the following:

  1. Find some content that you would like to embed. You will know if the content can be embedded or not by looking for the words “Embed” or “Embed HTML.” You can see this in the screen shot from Youtube:
  2. Next we need to “copy” the Embed code so that we can use it on our own site. You can do this by highlighting the code and selecting “Edit” -> “Copy” or by right-clicking on the code and selecting “Copy.”
  3. Now that we have the Embed code copied we need to somehow get it onto our own site. You can do this by opening up your blog and creating a new post.
  4. Once you are in a position to make a change to your site you need to paste in the Embed code that you copied. Keep in mind that the Embed code needs to be pasted as “HTML Code.” Look for a button in your editing toolbar that says “HTML” or “HTML Mode” and click it before pasting the content.
  5. You should then be able to save your page and view the results. If you did everything correctly you should see the embeddable content appear after a moment or two. If you see lots of HTML or other unrecognizable bits of text you probably didn’t enter into HTML mode before pasting the Embed code.