Readings for Day #3 (7/11/2012):

  • Grimes & Stevens, “Glass,Bug, Mud”; Hartman, Ch.8, Teaching Strategies; ¬†Pine & Aschbacher, “Inquiry” (Differentiation); Henig & Hess,” Space & Geog.”

Readings for Day #4 (7/12/2012):

  • Hartman, Ch5,”Classroom Mgmt.”; Peterson, “The Challenge of Classroom Discipline”

Readings for Day #5 (7/13/2012):

  • Hartman, Ch.7 “Assessment”; Bingham et al., “Using Self-Assessments”‘ ¬†Darling-Hammond, “Assessment for Learning Around the World”

Readings for Day #6 (7/16/2012):

  • Search for and add sources to Portfolio that you aspire to use; be able to verbally explain how the ideas/methods might challenge your professional devel.